What is Aphasia?


What is Aphasia?

Aphasia is a communication impairment, typically caused by a stroke. Aphasia affects a person’s expression and understanding of language as well as the ability to read and write. Approximately one in three stroke survivors are diagnosed with aphasia. This devastating disorder knows no boundaries of age, gender, wealth, race or profession.

More than 2,500,000 individuals in the United States and approximately one in every 250 people in the Permian Basin cope with aphasia. The number of people with this devastating disorder is expected to increase significantly as the population ages.

Many people with acute aphasia fear losing a say in the small and large decisions about their life, and rightfully so. Although adults with aphasia have their intelligence intact, misjudgment from others routinely leaves people with aphasia excluded and marginalized. Without the ability to participate in everyday conversation, almost every activity and life role is at risk. Depression and isolation are common in the aftermath of aphasia.