Life Participation Approach


Life Participation Approach to Aphasia

Aphasia can rob a person of one of life’s most essential skills, the ability to communicate. The Life Participation Approach to Aphasia (LPAA) is a holistic intervention approach. The LPAA considers a person’s environment, personal attitudes and identity, ability to participate in life situations, as well as the severity of their aphasia. ALL are integral factors in navigating life with aphasia.

Just like a wheelchair ramp helps people with physical challenges access their home life, healthcare, businesses, and community in general, “communication ramps” are necessary for people trying to navigate daily life with aphasia. Every environment can become communication accessible. Communication barriers can be torn down in every setting. By learning about aphasia and communication strategies, common sense adaptations increase communication access.

Located in Midland, TX, members and families at the Aphasia Center of West Texas experience the positive impact of a communication-accessible environment. Individuals, family and friends are empowered when they discover aphasia-friendly strategies and the life-changing impact of a Life Participation Approach to aphasia treatment. All of these factors combined help people re-engage in life’s interactions and activities. That’s what the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia is all about.