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Aphasia Center Community Groups

Aphasia is among the most isolating and devastating conditions during normal times. COVID-19 has magnified the numerous challenges people with aphasia face. The Aphasia Center has quickly expanded our services. We now offer multiple online Conversation Groups specifically for people with aphasia. We have added weekly (instead of monthly) Family Support Groups. Plus, trained volunteers and staff are reaching out to individuals coping with aphasia in nursing and rehabilitation settings through letter and phone check-ins. Please call if you need help and our staff will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.

The Community Group Program is innovative aphasia therapy that puts the person with aphasia back in charge of their own goals. We offer members an array of on-going group activities – designed to reduce the isolation of aphasia while increasing participation in life’s interactions. Aphasia groups provide a number of therapeutic advantages, including the support of being with other people who also have aphasia, an opportunity to work on communication skills with a variety of conversation partners, and the chance to participate in special types of aphasia group activities devoted to specific interests.

As of September 21, 2020, the Aphasia Center returned to limited on-site programming following all necessary healthcare sanitization procedures. After COVID-19 we will evaluate our programs and hope to return them to full capacity including Conversation Groups, Film Forum, Personal Goal Setting, Skill Building, Craft Workshop, Expressive Arts and Table Games.

Fees: $150/month for unlimited groups per week. $75/month for up to 2 groups per week.* Program fees are billed on a monthly basis. Meals and transportation are available for additional fees.

* Sliding scale fees and scholarships are available. No one is ever turned away for inability to pay.
Contact Kitty Binek or Beth Crawford at 432-699-1261 for more information.