After an aphasia diagnosis and traditional aphasia treatment, what comes next? Whether you or a loved one has expressive aphasia, receptive aphasia, global aphasia, or primary progressive aphasia, the Aphasia Center of West Texas is your resource.

The Aphasia Center of West Texas is a safe place for area residents to access a network of support and learn aphasia communication strategies plus practical tips that lessen the daily frustration of living with aphasia. Our model is not medical but rather a life participation approach to overcoming communication barriers caused by aphasia. Our members pay a low monthly fee and scholarships are available to those who qualify. The Aphasia Center of West Texas was the second independent aphasia center in the United States to implement a life participation approach to living with aphasia.

Aphasia Center members enjoy a variety of activities that allow them to practice these adaptive communication techniques, develop meaningful friendships, and regain a level of control over their lives. Our goal is not to treat aphasia medically, but to provide an aphasia toolbox for members and their families to better navigate the difficult aspects of living with aphasia.

See our real-life stories and testimonials to witness the resilience of the human spirit! Visit our Aphasia Resources page for information about other groups and organizations as well as aphasia apps.