4 Things I Learned About Life with Aphasia

I am someone who attended the first Aphasia Center of West Texas fundraiser, Chocolate Decadence 11 years ago. But not until I was invited to become a board member did I truly begin to understand aphasia, what causes aphasia or what living with aphasia might entail.
I thought aphasia was only about the loss of speech, but I have learned that it can rob a person of language in many forms – speaking, reading, writing and numbers. Another thing I learned – aphasia affects everyone differently.
For those who have suffered a stroke or traumatic injury to the brain, our Aphasia Center gives folks tools to re-engage in life’s interactions and activities. Plus the caring and creative staff gives hope to those with aphasia. I’ve learned that there is no cure for aphasia, but with individualized speech therapy for aphasia followed by aphasia group treatment, lots of healing can take place. Living with aphasia and living a full and fulfilling life with aphasia is possible.
I am proud to be a part of the board of directors, excellent staff and volunteers who work within the wonderful physical- and communication-accessible environment that is the Aphasia Center of West Texas.

By Donna Robertson